Game Day, 3 of 10: Okami, 2006

Each Sunday and Monday from June 9 to August 12, EXPO Cinema and the videogame arts and culture publication Kill Screen co-present a series of ten afternoons devoted to ten seminal video games from each year between 2004 and 2013, whose mechanics, design, and aesthetics variously reflect themes of EXPO.

Okami: Hideki Kamiya’s style, honed during the development of Viewtiful Joe, is on full display here. Raucous and colorful, Okami is a ballad to sumi-e (Japanese ink wash painting) and classical mythology. Here, you are the sun god Amaterusu who has become incarnate in the form of a white wolf to salvage a land ripped by the forces of darkness. Though ancient in its source, Okami‘s themes of nature in peril find contemporary relevance.” – Jamin Warren, Kill Screen