left 4 dead

Game Day, 5 of 10: Left 4 Dead, 2008

“Like all zombie tales, Left 4 Dead is a story of survival. Co-operation is imperative and all four players must move together in unison to maintain their wits. A hidden actor, however, plays the most important role. Valve implemented an artificial intelligence regime known as “the Director” that managers the every element of the game from the rush of zombies to procedurally generated music. Left 4 Dead is a hallmark of environmental story-telling where structured, formal narrative takes a backseat to the machinations of the world around you.” Jamin Warren, editor of Kill Screen

For Game Day, EXPO Cinema and the videogame arts and culture publication Kill Screen co-present a series of ten afternoons devoted to ten seminal video games from each year between 2004 and 2013, whose mechanics, design, and aesthetics variously reflect themes of EXPO.