mean sea level

Mean Sea Level (2009) by Pradip Saha, video, 58 min

Mean Sea Level takes us through the story of the inhabitants of small islands at the southern tip of the Indo-Gangetic Delta. Almost 7000 inhabitants have been forced to leave Ghoramara island in the last 30 years, as the island has become half in size. The biggest island, Sagar, which hosted refugees from other islands all these years, is witnessing massive erosion now. 70000 people in the nine sea-facing islands are at the edge of losing land in next 15 years. Climate change or not, for these people some change is real. Popular explanation tells us that sea level will rise and cover the land. But a lot of things are happening before that. The land breaks and falls into the sea 24/7. Mean Sea Level is a testimony of reckless political economy of our times.” – Indian Institute for Human Setlements