72 Hours of Truce: Exploring Immediate Signs


With Nicolas Anderson, François Curlet, Laurent Derobert, Mark Geffriaud, Camille Henrot, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Richard Knipel, Agnieszka Kurant, Griffin McMahon, and Sameer Reddy.

A Truce  is a suspended moment in which two parties agree to cease hostilities, in order to engage in negotiation and listening. A Truce  is a way to imagine and build a new future by the bringing together of many voices that current thoughts and ideas and make way for  fresh dialogue.

Contradictions and oppositions are the foundation of collective thinking. Together they build, a fertile soil for communication, from which dialogues and the perspective of a common destiny grow. A truce requires both parties to accept turning the page on past ideals in order to  imagine new ones; “to dance” together on new models and rhythms.

These 72 Hours of Truce are built up as a polyphonic composition, a collective treaty, with cohabitations of yoga, drama, humor, pathos, hopes, disappointment, piano, shame, and improvisation. Within this framework, the unknown serves as a field for projections and guests are invited to use any breach of the present to consider the future. 

The first day of the 72 Hours of truce is free and open to the public, from noon to 6pm.

 Ongoing piano performances by Griffin MacMahon, tarot sessions by Sameer Reddy and existential mathematics by Nicolas Anderson.

12 PM: Talk with Richard Knipel, Wikimedia NYC

1 PM: Talk with Lynn Hershman Leeson

2 PM: Talk with Mark Geffriaud

3 PM: Talk with Agnieszka Kurant

4 PM: Free Yoga class with Abby Paloma, Founder of Farm To Yoga

5 PM: Talk with Camille Henrot

72 Hours of Truce is organized by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, Exhibition curator Palais de Tokyo, assisted by Natascha Jakobsen for EXPO 1: New York in conjunction with EXPO Colony.