ProBio explores the theme of “dark optimism” within the context of the human body and technology. Some scientists and thinkers have speculated that, with the advancement of applied biological science, humankind may no longer be subject to Darwinian natural selection. In its place would be a world of horizontal gene flows between people and between other forms of natural and unnatural life—a world driven by self-actualization, in which genes become open source, biology becomes software, and the distinctions between living organisms, information, objects, and products become irrevocably confused. This exhibition presents a group of emerging artists, mostly based in New York, whose work explores the continuing radical impact that technology has upon the human body and the human condition. The featured artists are Alisa Baremboym, Antoine Catala, Dina Chang, Ian Cheng, DIS, Josh Kline, Ajay Kurian, Tabor Robak, Carissa Rodriguez, Georgia Sagri, and Shanzhai Biennial.