The magazine and editorial collective Triple Canopy presents a daily program of lectures, debates, and discussions during EXPO 1: New York. For the EXPO School program, which is titled Speculations (“The future is _______”), Triple Canopy is commissioning artists, writers, technologists, economists, academics, activists, and ecologists to place speculative bets on the future—to describe a future they’d like to see, in words and images. The speculations may be fantastical or pragmatic, meant to provoke or be materialized; they may take up new forms of economic exchange or planetary colonization, the ever proximate singularity or the reality of rising tides. They must be optimistic, however darkly. Triple Canopy worked with Mexico City-based artist José León Cerrillo to develop a structure to house the teachers’ lounge and reading room. Cerrillo’s work renovates the archetypal forms of the classroom and employs steel bars to outline the activities of the school; the resulting geometric forms, like the speculations being made, exceed the boundaries of the galleries, puncturing the museum’s walls. The School is in operation daily from May 12 through July 28.



Programming takes place at the following times unless otherwise noted.

Monday, Thursday, Friday:
2:00 PM — Discussion
4:00 PM — Lecture

Saturday, Sunday:
3:00 PM — Lecture, discussion or performance