A group of people sit in the corner of a room on a wood-paneled bench. A person points upward as the light from a hole in the ceiling creates a hexagonal shape that falls on the people.
Photo credit: Noel Woodford


Jose Ortiz, Deputy Director
Natalie Cheney, Assistant Manager of Visitor Engagement
Dante Osei, Director of Finance/CFO
Laura Zapp, Assistant Director of Visitor Engagement
Andrea Achelis, Visitor Engagement Associate
Herbert Armstrong, Maintenance Technician II
Arnold Ayala, Maintainer
Sham Budhu, Maintenance Technician I
Sarita Cornell, Gallery Associate
Adi Dahlke, Gallery Associate
JP Diaz, Gallery Associate
Odean Groves, Maintainer
Shekinah Guab, Gallery Associate
Katherine Madera, Gallery Associate
Karla Medina, Visitor Engagement Associate
Ronny J. Monsanto, Gallery Associate
Amy Ni, Gallery Associate
Jack Nichols, Gallery Associate
Jose Paz, Maintenance Technician I
Claude Viaud Peralta, Gallery Associate
Dianne R, Manager of Human Resources
Kimberly Rodriguez, Staff Accountant
Jinelle Thompson, Manager of Strategic Partnerships
Andley Tyson, Gallery Associate

Curatorial Affairs
Ruba Katrib, Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs
Lauren DiLoreto, Director of Program Production
Lilly Hern-Fondation, Senior Project Manager, Exhibitions & Commissions
Jody Graf, Assistant Curator
Anna Grofik, Exhibition Assistant
Elena Ketelsen González, Assistant Curator
Kari Rittenbach, Assistant Curator
Kate Robinson, Senior Registrar
Andrea Sánchez, Administrative Assistant, Curatorial
Nick Scavo, Senior Project Manager, Music, Performance and Events
Richard Wilson, Exhibition and Production Designer

External Affairs
Molly Kurzius, Director of External Affairs
Marissa Alper, Fellow, Digital Marketing & Media
Philip Brand, Development Associate, Foundation & Corporate Relations
Jonathan Gardenhire, Assistant Director of Individual Giving
Sarah Isenberg, Digital Marketing Coordinator
Jack Radley, Editor
Nora Rodriguez, Digital Strategy & Content Manager
Lucia Roldan, Manager of Special Events
Julia Schäfer, Graphic Designer


Sarah Arison

Philip Aarons
Cav. Simon Mordant AO

John L. Thomson

James E. Grooms

Philip Aarons
Sarah Arison
Elyse Benenson
Joshua Black
Adrian Cheng
Greg Eisner
Dana Farouki
Wendy Fisher
Dr. Nicole R. Fleetwood
Claude Grunitzky
Agnes Gund
Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds
Hannah Jocelyn
Adam Kimmel
Suydam R. Lansing
Cav. Simon Mordant AO
Peter Norton
Diana Widmaier Picasso
Lisa Roumell
Taryn Simon
Robert Soros
Lise Stolt-Nielsen
Beth Swofford
John L. Thomson
Ara Tucker

Eric Adams
Mayor of the City of New York

Vincent Roberti
Mayor’s Designee

Julie Won
Council Member, 26th District Queens

Donovan Richards
Queens Borough President

Laurie Cumbo
Commissioner, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

John Comfort
Board Member Emeritus

Marie-Josée Kravis
Chair, Board of Trustees, The Museum of Modern Art

Ronnie F. Heyman
President, Board of Trustees, The Museum of Modern Art