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Umar Rashid

Sink or Synchronize

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Filmed by Noel Woodford & Marissa Alper; Audio by Nora Rodriguez; Video Editing by Marissa Alper

A jumbotron has just slammed into earth from outer space. And it has a message from the future: "First, you have to sink: a metaphor for reducing one's ego...And then, you must synchronize: become one with everything...It gives you only two options. You can't have fries with that."

Umar Rashid collides history and fantasy to create epic narratives that span continents and millennia. Titled Sink or Synchronize. The voice from the outer realm of the cosmic overlords that compels you, this piece was the artist's first foray into sculpture. Umar worked with a team to execute his vision for this brand new work, created specifically for his show at MoMA PS1.