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Where Nature Ends and Settlements Begin

Jumana Manna in e-flux Journal

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Jumana Manna. Foragers (video still). 2022. HD video. Duration: 64’00’’.

In November of 2020, as production paused on the filming of her most recent film, Foragers, Jumana Manna published an essay in Issue #113 of e-flux Journal. Written in quarantine with her family in Shu’fat, East Jerusalem, the text explores the ways in which the pandemic lay bare many of the contradictions at the heart of preservationist tactics.

"The pandemic has highlighted varying governance structures and the intertwined politics of care all over the world...This text, and eventually the film, are exercises in imagining alternative, affirmative care structures that remain, within and beyond the current reality, aligned towards plant and human life alike."

Read the full text on e-flux, and watch Foragers screened throughout the day as part of Jumana Manna: Break, Take, Erase, Tally. See the screening schedule for start times.