Poncili Creación: No gods only flowers

July 29, 2022

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  • Performance

Poncili Creación will present No gods only flowers, a visual poem enacted by larger-than-life puppets suspended from aerial lifts high above the Courtyard, with live musical accompaniment. No gods only flowers vigorously interrupts the urban hardscape of Long Island City with the strength of a flower bursting through pavement to bloom in the summer sun. Liberating the boom crane from its typical activity of heavy lifting in redevelopment, Poncili Creación fantastically animate, in real time, another kind of growth process: photosynthesis. Since 2012, the collective––brothers Pablo and Efrain Del Hierro, and their collaborators––have made spontaneous processions and performances informed by their prior work in dance and experimental theater, and articulated through colorful and manipulable sculptural forms handmade from salvaged polyurethane foam and fabric. Their practice of radical puppetry is an energetic celebration of life, imagination, and absurdity amidst and against dire everyday circumstances. The puppets will remain on view in PS1’s galleries following the performances, as part of Life Between Buildings.

Duration: 45 min.

Written and conceived by Poncili Creación
Live music and original score by Kevin Emilio Pérez, Paco Cathcart, and Charlie Dore Young
With master seamsters Daniela Fabrizi and Lee Kuanchen
And collaborators Alex Millan, Lulu Varona, Lee Kuanchen, Krystle Lee, Krystal Quiles, Alexandra Chaves, Danae Brissonet, Lord Blobbie, Connor Celeste, Raymond Hernandez, and Louis Mastrangelo

This performance takes place outside. Standing room only, first-come first-served. Limited seating will be available for visitors under the age of 12 and those with accessibility needs. To arrange for extra assistance, please contact: mail_ps1@moma.org. The live musical score includes drumming; earplugs will be available at the admissions desk. At the artists' request, attendees are strongly encouraged to dress in the color green.


July 29, 2022 at 7:00pm

2022-07-29 19:00:00 -0400


Organized by Kari Rittenbach, Music and Performance Advisor MoMA PS1, originated by Taja Cheek, former Associate Curator.


No gods only flowers is supported by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation.