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Artists Make New York

Layqa Nuna Yawar

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Video: Noel Woodford, Eva Cruz, Nora Rodriguez

New Yorkers know: being NOT from NY is sometimes deeply NY. We met Layqa Nuna Yawar, whose new collaborative mural After the Fire is now on view on MoMA PS1's exterior walls, in New Jersey with a perfect view of the NYC skyline to talk about what it means to work from the outside:

"Being on the periphery, being on the outside...I think it's a blessing, actually. It's another circle to think about my indigeneity not being present, growing up under colonialism...I think that's why I enjoy New Jersey a lot. Because it's a representation of that...Art doesn't happen in the center. It happens in the peripheries."

Artists Make New York, no matter where they start from.

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Photo credit: Noel Woodford