October 2022

Rashid Johnson: Stage


Stage is a participatory installation and sound work that draws on the history of the microphone as a tool for protest and public oratory, while recalling the metonymic references to microphones in hip-hop lyrics from the 1980s to the present.

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Growing Abolition

20220423_Marissa Alper_MoMA PS1_Earth Day_16.JPG

The second year of a collaboration between jackie sumell, the Lower Eastside Girls Club, and MoMA PS1, Growing Abolition is a multipart project investigating connections between ecology and prison abolition. Developing gradually from spring to winter, Growing Abolition unfolds around a greenhouse designed by sumell and installed in the side Courtyard of PS1.

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Queensbridge Photo Collective

Still, Like Air I'll Rise

collage of photographs and drawings

Using photography, archival research, memorabilia, and oral histories, the Queensbridge Photo Collective reflects on the lives of their members, who grew up in the neighborhoods around PS1.

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Life Between Buildings

Serpent like tufts of grass tied with orange emerge from a sidewalk just before an intersection of vintage cars.

Inspired by the history of community gardens in New York City, Life Between Buildings explores how artists have engaged the city’s interstitial spaces—“vacant” lots, sidewalk cracks, traffic islands, and parks, among others—to consider the politics of public space through an ecological lens.

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No gods only flowers

Poncili Creación

walter-wlodarczyk-2022-07-30-WWRB9631 (1).jpg

Conjuring the spirit of a weed bursting through cracks in the pavement, Poncili Creacion’s sculptural installation No gods only flowers takes up residence in MoMA PS1’s double-height Duplex gallery. Comprising a towering, anthropomorphic flower growing from out of a shrunken cityscape, the installation is the second life of this massive blossom. It once danced as a puppet, suspended by boom cranes, over the museum’s Courtyard as part of a performance of the same name in July 2022.

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Umar Rashid

Ancien Regime Change 4, 5, and 6

Colorful painting with a spaceship, a satelite, and a man riding a zebra fighting a mythical creature, all set against the background of a galaxy.

Through his multidisciplinary practice—including paintings, drawings, textiles, and a new multimedia sculpture being created for this exhibition—Umar Rashid draws on both history and fantasy to create epic narratives that examine how political and cultural power is established and might be undone.

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Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

Autonomous Drive

A massive sculpture assembled from painted elements of a car in a gallery.

Through her dynamic and modular paintings, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger proposes a futurity of queer freedom, connection to nature, and the creation of new spaces of joy and pleasure. Marking Toranzo Jaeger’s first major solo museum exhibition in the United States, Autonomous Drive brings together over a dozen recent works including three new commissions.

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Jumana Manna

Middle Ghost

A brown abstract ceramic sculpture, which recalls a misshapen donut, sits in a small park in front of a city street,

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Jumana Manna

Break, Take, Erase, Tally

210711_Balade_c_Eike Walkenhorst_51 (2).jpg

Jumana Manna’s first major museum exhibition in the US charts the artist’s multidisciplinary practice, which explores the paradoxical effects of preservation practices in agriculture, science, and the law. Marking the New York premiere of Manna’s newest film, Foragers (2022), the exhibition brings together nearly 20 works including two recent films and a series of new and existing sculptures.

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Oct 1, 2022

Celebrating Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds' Painted Basketball Courts

Edgar Heap of Birds Detail.jpg

MoMA PS1 is partnering with Common Practice to celebrate a new public artwork at Murray Park in Long Island City, created by PS1 Artist Board Member Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds.

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Oct 3, 2022

Neighbor Night

08122022 PS1 5315 (1).jpg

The Long Island City community is invited to join us for a special fall evening at the Museum.

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